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Did you know that most of the **750,000 students** in the UK who rely on Free School Meals don't get to keep the change from their daily £2.30 allowance for lunch? Over time, this makes a huge difference to children from poorer homes where food isn't always on the table.

It stops children from being able to save up a bit of money to spend when they need extra food. It means that if they attend a lunchtime activity - like a music, drama or sports club - they lose out on that given day's lunch money altogether.

All this change adds up to **£65 million** each year that's pocketed by school meal providers: which can be private companies, local councils or schools themselves.

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN! We can all play our part in fixing the system in our local areas: school staff, parents, young people and the wider public.

Read our report to learn more:

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