Premier League clubs: pay a Living Wage

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Petition to: The 16 Chairs of Premier League clubs that don’t pay a real Living Wage.

Dear Sirs

We are appealing to you to make poverty pay in the Premier League history by paying a real Living Wage to all staff. People you employ are struggling to keep their heads above water financially.

People like the cleaners who work nights to get the stands tidied.

The ticketing staff who get people in and out of matches quickly.

The caterers who serve VIPs in the club boxes.

As the 2019 football transfer window closes on another record-breaking year with hundreds of millions spent on player transfers, it is only right that hard-working staff who help make match day enjoyable for the fans also share in the clubs financial success.

Families depend on your clubs, yet thousands of Premier League club staff still aren’t paid enough to live on securely. A real Living Wage, independently calculated to meet the cost of living, would give them dignity and security.

One contract cleaner told us his story:

“...I get paid less than £8 per hour and I've worked home games for around five hours at a time. This is the second job that I have to provide for my family. I struggle to put food on the table... It would be great to see the club paying all their staff a fair and decent wage.”

Please - join Liverpool, West Ham, Everton and Chelsea as Living Wage employers and end poverty pay in your stadiums.

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