Stable futures for trafficked children

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Protect child victims of modern slavery: give them a stable future

Trafficked children need protection, support and stability to recover from abuse, but laws to keep them safe could be removed by the Nationality and Borders Bill in the coming weeks, leaving them unprotected and in limbo, unable to continue with their lives or move past trauma.

Join us in calling on MPs NOW to vote for protection for child victims of modern slavery in the Bill, and to ensure stable futures for all children who have been trafficked and exploited.

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Subject: URGENT: Keep protections for trafficked children in the Nationality and Borders Bill

I am writing to you as your constituent to ask you to uphold children’s rights by voting to support Lords Amendment 27 and to keep protections in the Nationality and Borders Bill for children who have been trafficked and exploited.

The House of Lords’ Amendment 27 will protect child victims of trafficking and exploitation by exempting them from the most damaging parts of the Bill and by ensuring that all decisions about them are made with in line with their best interests, including decisions about granting leave to remain in the UK.

“Living without the freedom of secure immigration status makes you want to end your life... but you can be that person who comes into my life and stands up for me.” – ECPAT UK Youth Advisory Group member

Without Lords Amendment 27, the Nationality and Borders Bill will reverse hard won protection and rights for trafficked children and put them at risk of dangerous journeys, criminalisation, further exploitation and serious harm.

This month we learned that more potential victims of modern slavery than ever before were identified in 2021 in the UK. There are also widespread concerns about the displacement of millions of Ukrainian people, including children, many of whom will be more vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation as a result of Russia’s invasion.

Now is not the time to deny more people sanctuary, or to reduce identification and protection for victims of modern slavery. Without Lords Amendment 27, the Bill will have devastating consequences for trafficked and exploited children of all nationalities, including British and separated migrant children.

This is an urgent human rights and child protection crisis.

All children should be protected as children first and foremost – it’s the right thing to do. Please show your commitment to child rights by voting to uphold Lords Amendment 27 in the Nationality and Borders Bill.

“Amendment 27 is our protection. Don’t take children’s safety away.” – ECPAT UK Youth Advisory Group member

Find more information about Lords Amendment 27 here, and read ECPAT UK’s Nationality and Borders Bill briefing for further detail. As you can see, the amendment has widespread support from campaigners across the child and anti-slavery sector.

If you have any questions about Lords Amendment 27 or the Nationality and Borders Bill more broadly, please get in touch with Patricia Durr, ECPAT UK CEO:

Thank you for raising this issue on my behalf and speaking out for trafficked children’s rights

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